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About Us

Aruba Tileworks specializes in artistic, handmade tile inspired by the Arts & Crafts tradition, Moorish and Islamic tile patterns and Asian woodblock prints. These influences have shaped the Aruba tile line into a unique artistic expression blending original crystalline glazes and hand embossing with traditional and ancient geometric patterns. Each tile bears its own handcrafted signature bringing heart and soul to all living spaces. We believe the innate beauty of tile shaped by hand holds a timeless quality, adding warmth to any modern setting.


Aruba Tileworks is a family run business on Vashon Island, Washington managed by ceramic artist Steve Roache and Renee Marceau. Established in 1983 by Steve, the beginning years focused on teaching classes to promote the use of clay as a creative and therapeutic outlet for all ages and abilities. This endeavor naturally evolved into working with schools and other public organizations as a community tile artist. Steve’s first large scale tile project was 10,000 Tiles For Tashkent, a community project of volunteers and professionals who designed a peace park for Seattle’s sister city in Tashkent, Russia. This project inspired Steve to focus on designing and producing a tile line using his own geologic and crystalline glaze recipes reminiscent of the late 1800’s Craftsman style. Over time other influences from Moorish and Islamic tile patterns and Asian woodblock prints have shaped the Aruba tile line into a unique artistic expression. In 2001, Renee joined Steve in managing the business selling the Aruba tile line through showrooms nationwide. We are committed to creating tile that speaks to the heart and soul of our living spaces and is produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


All of our tile is made by hand at our shop on the historical Beall Greenhouse property on Vashon Island, Washington. We use an extruder as well as metal “cookie cutters” to shape and cut our tile from a rich terracotta clay body. Our unique use of hand-embossed patterns is available on almost all pieces.  Most of our glazes are our own recipes and fired in electric kilns. Most tiles are frost proof.